Collaborative Family Law

15 May 2020
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15 May 2020, Comments 0

With the spread of Covid 19 and the stay at home orders, makes meeting with your lawyer very difficult and with court’s only hearing emergency motions, parties cannot get to court to get interim orders and people need some resolution to their conflict. This bring collaborative law to the forefront, because you can meet with your lawyer by telephone and set up 4 way tele-conferences between the parties and their lawyers. This can be done very quickly often in a few days. At this first meeting pending issue surrounding child issues and financial obligations can be discussed and interim solutions can be put in place. Separation is a very emotional disturbing time and with the pandemic it amplifies the stress and anxiety. Using collaborative law and it ability to address concerns quickly and also economically can get some guidelines and structure to a very difficult situation and try and cool emotions  and bring some resolve to the situation.

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