Real Estate

In Ontario, a lawyer is required to be involved in the buying and selling of real estate.

If you are a buyer, we can assure that the seller has proper title and that issues with the property are properly disclosed and dealt with. There have been many issues in recent years with properties used for illegal activities that would negatively impact on the value and safety.

If you are seller, we assure that you get paid, that the source of funds are legitimate and the buyers credible. There are many new regulations used to prevent money laundering and illegal source of funds, issues that require a lawyer’s assistance.

Our office has a many years of experience in commercial and residential real estate matters. Our processing of your transaction is both efficient and cost effective.

Here are some of the common real estate related services we provide:

  • Negotiating and drafting agreements of purchase and sale
  • Acting for buyers or sellers on
    • new home purchases or sales
    • condominium purchases or sales
    • re-sale home purchases or sales
  • Acting for borrowers or lenders on mortgage transactions

Private-sale of homes is increasing and it is essential that you understand the risks both if you are a buyer or a seller. In these transactions where a real estate agent is not involved, there is a requirement for increased diligence by all parties including the lawyer representing you.

Our firm has considerable experience with private-sale relationship transactions and can offer you assistance both in the processing and legal aspects of these deals.

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