Calculating Child Support

26 July 2017
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26 July 2017, Comments 0

Child support is to be calculated each year on the Payor’s income or in the case of shared residency on both parties. It is simply a calculation using the child support guidelines based on line 150 of your tax return and based on the number of children.

Extraordinary expenses may also increase or decrease as they are paid in proportionate share to each former spouses income.

Parties should be able to determine their support payment amounts using the child support guidelines on the Attorney General website or using free programs such as that provided by Divorcemate.

If you have shared residency and the children reside alternately with each parent, you calculate how much you would pay if they were in the other parents care and subtract from this the amount the other parent would pay if they were in your care. The difference will be payable to the parent with the lower liability.

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