Canada Pension Plan

19 March 2018
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19 March 2018, Comments 0

Canada Pension Plan is a corner stone of Canadians retirement plan. Most Canadians take their pension at age 65 and expect to receive the maximum amount of CPP but it depends on amount you paid into the plan and for how many years. In 2019 the maximum amount payable at age 65 years old was $1,154.58 but the average amount recipients are receiving is only $679.16 per month. Also recent changes to the plan now allow individuals to defer payment until they turn 70 years of age. In so doing you increase the amount you would have received at age 65 by 0.7% each month or 8.4% per year after you turn 65 years old and by age 70 it has increased by 42%. You can also take your Canada Pension at age 60 or any month after that date but you decrease the amount you would have received at age 65, for each month you take it before you are 65 years old it decreases by 0.6% or 7.2% per year. You should access your records with CPP website on the Government of Canada and find out if you are on track to get maximum CPP.

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