Collaborative vs Adversarial

7 December 2016
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7 December 2016, Comments 0

In most separation and divorce cases each spouse get an expert and then they are paid to disagree with the other side. After many meeting and back and forth they usually come up with compromise. Often professionals are very guarded in there advise as they know they could be called as witnesses and are not in a position to find a solution rather to criticize the other parities position. In Collaborative law professional are much more willing to find solution because they know they will not be called to court and are dealing with people that are looking for solutions rather than confrontation and litigation. This makes the working environment much more open and conciliatory rather than adversarial and most professionals are much more willing to look at custody access and financial arrangement with working it out for the family. Their role is much more positive rather than negative. Also costs are much lower because you have one professional rather than numerous professional.

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