Custody and Access

23 November 2016
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23 November 2016, Comments 0

Custody and access issues when family are going through divorce and separation are an issue of major concern for each parent. With emotions raging, children can be put in the middle of a dispute and be used as pawns in the battle between parents. The children can be scared and harmed for life from the behavior of the waring parents. The court system of win and lose can magnify the negative effects and one parent winning and the other losing and thinking of one being a bad parent verse a good one. In Collaborative law a new approach is taken and this issue can be dealt with the help of a family counselor and social workers. That look at the family with it specific need and can develop a plan and schedule that meets the children’s needs and can calm high emotions at this stressful time. Often for each parent to be heard and understood goes a long way into getting to a settlement. Having an independent person that has the children interest and can listen to both sides and work on a solution can help.

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