Drinking and Driving

21 December 2016
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21 December 2016, Comments 0

Drinking and driving can be very costly.

If you choice to drink and drive it is a criminal offense and you could kill someone but other that it will be very costly. The fine for first offence is $1,000.00  plus the loss of your license for a year and car payment still have to be made which can easily be $6,000.00 for the year then the cost of cabs and getting people to drive you could cost you 3 or 4 thousand dollars more. Upon the return of your license you will require interlock device with a monthly administration fee of $150.00 a month is another $2,000.00. Then there is insurance if you can even obtain insurance for the first 3 year it may cost you an extra $8,000.00 per year and then in year the following 2 or 3 year an additional 3,000 per year.  The cost minimum is $35,000.00 and could be much more depending on your job. That 20 or even 50 dollar cab ride is a great deal. Do the math at 20 dollars that is 1,750 cab rides and at the high end it is 700 cabs rides never use that many in your life time. No embarrassment, no possible hurt to others,  no payment up front can pay as you go and no criminal record.

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