Effective Estate Plan

10 August 2018
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10 August 2018, Comments 0

For an effective estate plan you need Wills and Powers of Attorney, but where they are stored is also important. At Grey Bruce Law we will hold your Powers of Attorney and Wills under a signed direction and only release them when it is required. For the Powers of Attorney  we hold them in escrow until you direct us to release the Powers of Attorney or we receive a letter from a Doctor that you are no longer able to carry on your affairs. This is in case you are in an accident or if you become incompetent. When we release the Powers of Attorney we also give your attorney and outline of what they have to do and if required can assist in them looking after your affairs. In the case of your will we require a death certificate and ID from your executors and we release your will and with an outline of responsibility of an executor and we can assist with the administration of the estate.

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