Elder Abuse During COVID-19

1 May 2020
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1 May 2020, Comments 0

Elder abuse during COVID-19 era takes physical psychological and financial forms.  Seniors are the most at risk from a health perspective because they are in the highest risk category if they contract the virus. Second they’re being put in isolation situations which heightening their fear and anxiety. Third they’re being targeted by fraudsters who are taking advantage of their isolation, fear, anxiety and perhaps they’re less aware about digital dangers.  Seniors are the most targeted group for fraudsters and in this environment of widespread anxiety, isolation and boredom; seniors are more vulnerable to the whole range of scams. These scams range from purchase of personal protective equipment online, to false solicitations for donations to WHO or fake pharmaceutical company of promising “miracle cure”. Keep in touch with your senior friends and be there to talk and if something sounds too good to be true is usually is. Scammers and fraudsters do not quit during these times in fact it is much easier for them to do their dirty work because people are isolated, stay on guard.

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