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12 June 2017
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The Family Cottage and Your Estate Plan

12 June 2017, Comments 0

Over the years the family cottage is a place of happy family times and often parents want the cottage to stay in the family, […]

26 April 2017
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Terms of an Agreement of Purchase and Sale

26 April 2017, Comments 0

It is imperative that any representation or warranty about a property must be put in the Purchase and Sale agreement. By virtue of the […]

17 February 2015
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How to Preserve the Family Farm During a Divorce

17 February 2015, Comments 0

Dividing the family farm can be great source of hardship during divorce settlements. When farms are passed down from generation to generation, keeping family […]

22 July 2013
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3 Leading Mistakes Private Sellers Make

22 July 2013, Comments 0

There are a number of mistakes people selling their home can make whether doing it privately or using an agent. Overpricing the Property It […]